Αre you ready for your next journey? If yes, then you probably have been planning your trip for months to make it special and full of new experiences.Photo : StockSnap

But, have you ever left your travel destination with the feeling that you did not enjoy it very much and you did not see everything you wanted in this place?

You may not be able to visit this place again so here are a few tips to enjoy the pleasure of traveling, even for a few days.

8. Experience something new. Discover yourself

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Try something new every day to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone. Wherever you go there is something you have never done before in your life. Apart from the attractions of each city, there is always something really special. Or maybe something you said you would never do. Even if you visit the same place, there is something you did not do the other time.

7. Use the subway, train and buses

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If you want to get into the pulse of the city, move around in public transport. Something that is usually comfortable and cheap unless the place you go is very small or has no public transport. You will be able to see the native people, how they behave, and also you will discover places you might not be going.

6. Leave the travel guide to the hotel

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On the last day of your stay and after learning the city a little, wander without your travel guide (although I love travel guides). Let the signs, the shops and the flow of the world drift to you. You will find yourself somewhere that was certainly not on your list of attractions.

5. Bring back with you traditional products

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 We all want to shop various things when we visit a new place .But what will make us remember with nostalgia the place we have gone (except for the photo) will be the flavors and smells of the city so the best thing you can do is to bring traditional food and non-food back home (I love the lavender pillow from Budapest). Okay you can get souvenirs for sure but do not overdo it.

4. Discover the city’s nightlife

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 Yes … go out … night out in the city. Dance, drink (in moderation) and live the nightlife. There are cities even countries where their nightlife is their main attraction. If not, you certainly will not see a basic part of their culture. Besides, even nightly entertainment changes from country to country.

3. Interact with local people

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 Our most important discoveries and memorable experiences come from those we meet on the travel road. You can talk with the local people and ask questions about where to eat or drink, even where to hangout. They will help you to dig deep into cultures and beliefs and of course, to expand your horizons.

2. Make a mini trip.

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 If you visit a new country, you have to see and experience as much as you can, so as to learn more about this place, its culture and beauty. If you have time, make a mini (one-day) trip to a near city or village if your budget allows you .You may not have the chance to visit the same country again so it’s a good way to learn in depth the different places of a country.

1. Wander in a neighborhood

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The main attractions of each city monopolize every time the photos and our time. But the beauty is to get lost and get around in a quiet neighborhood away from the tourists. There will be small sites ready for photography. Enjoy the simple things. It does not always have to be about the Must See sights, the adventure and the bucket lists.