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America is home to many natural attractions and landmarks that many travelers around the world want to explore .And what better way to conquer such an experience than on a road trip through the country. America ,with miles of roads and  highways, has a basically perfect road trip for anyone. Photo :
CJ Pony Parts designed this helpful infographic with the title“More Than Miles: The Best Road Trip Destinations Across the U.S.” ,  to inspire your route planning ,as it shows the best road trips to get you across America and through top travel destinations according your preferences, with the perfect vehicle for your ideal drive. You can choose one of these proposed routes for your road trip:  
Atlantic Coast for family-fun and adventure, Blues Highway 61 Road Trip to see the best musical destinations in the U.S., The Great River Road for a road trip full of excitement, The Oregon Trail  an across-country trip,Pacific Coast Travel  and the Loneliest Road for the true nature-lovers and survivalists.