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Τhe small medieval town of Gubbio in northern Italy,has a tradition since 1981 in celebrating Christmas with such a unique way. The city lights up its own special Christmas tree ,which was named as “The World’s Largest Christmas Tree” by the Guinness Book of Records in 1991, as it stretches over 650 metres high and about 350 metres wide. But its uniqueness is also due to its construction. Photo : Routard
The “tree” is not an actual tree, rather a light installation shaped like a Christmas tree made out of around 1000 individual lights. This enormous illuminated decorative tree is on the slopes of Mount Ingino that lies outside the city. The star at the top of the tree crowns the Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo at the top of Mount Ingino,where Sant-Ubaldo, the 12th century bishop of Gubbio, buried.
The Christmas tree is lit up from the 7th of December and for a month, until January 10. Although the outline of the tree remains permanently on the mountain, the preparation still is a hard job to do as it requires a special committee of volunteers to climb in the woods for three months every year. Since 2010, the power required for lighting the tree is provided by solar cells.