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As the spring is around the corner, the cold weather fades and it’s the best time to explore New York and enjoy many outdoor activities. The warmer temperatures give you the opportunity to see everything this amazing city has to offer, from flower shows to street festivals or outdoor markets and exhibitions. Photo :
Sakura Matsui Cherry Blossom Festival
As spring is closely linked to beautiful flowering trees and flowers,Sakura Matsuri, one of Brooklyn’s best spring festivals, is the perfect place for a family visit .It is an annual celebration of Japanese culture in a two-day festival , where people can take part of a big variety of activities surrounded by blooming, pink-and-white petal trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The beautiful trees set the scene for favorite events and it’s one of the best things to do outside in the city.

The best way to explore the city is by riding a bike as you can explore the city in ways that you could ever imagine by public transport or in a taxi. Biking is now more than ever a significant part of New York’s transportation system as it’s estimated that 200,000 cyclists take to New York City’s 1,000 miles of bike lanes daily. And when the spring makes its appearance, the good weather is a friend of yours .So, you can move around the city on a bike admiring the city’s beauties and most important you can exercise and save money. Among the many events New Yorkers will be able to participate in the National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities from coast to coast. This event is the largest charitable bike ride in the country and a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and encourage more people to give biking a try.

Explore Central Park
As spring arrives in New York City, Central Park is the perfect place and home to beautiful big trees and blooming flowers.
Central Park is by far the most iconic and most-visited park and green space of New York City. It is a place where lots of scenes from iconic films like Home Alone 2 have been filmed. There, you can take part of many outdoor activities from visits to the Victorian Gardens to watching mini boats zip around in the Conservatory Water or just have a peaceful walk.

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NYC St Patrick’s Day and Parade
If you want to party a lot the best occasion is the celebration of St. Patricks Day in New York City. On Saturday, March 17 you will be able to celebrate the Irish culture and admire NYC’s famous St. Patricks Day Parade running from 44th Street up 5th Avenue (past St. Patrick’s Cathedral) to 79th Street. New York City has no shortage of Irish pubs where you can find good Irish music and friendly atmosphere any time of the year, whether you are Irish or just love Irish Pubs.

The 9th Avenue International Food Festival
The 9th Avenue Food Festival is one of New York’s largest and oldest traditions, and it’s a beautiful celebration and a chance to experience a diversity of cultures through food, Argentinian, Brazilian, Cajun, Cuban, Dominican, Ethiopian, Greek, Haitian, Irish, Moroccan, Ukrainian, and many other kinds of cuisine. As the food is international and ethnic, you will have the opportunity to try and taste traditional festival treats like zeppolis, mozzarepas, funnel cakes, egg creams, and more gourmet food you couldn’t find at any other food festivals.