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 There are many people with different types of fears, others are afraid of snakes, cockroaches, spiders, darkness and most of them are afraid of heights. For those people, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is something that will give panic attacks and they will try to avoid it.Photo :Google
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (commonly known as the “Bay Bridge”) is a major dual-span bridge in the U.S. state of Maryland and it connects the state’s eastern shore region with the Western Shore. Located in Maryland , it reaches almost 200 feet at its tallest spot and measures 4.3-miles long from end to end. And of course, it isn’t like any ordinary bridge.  
According to the guides, what makes people scare the bridge is height and others fear the possibility that they have no point to stop while crossing the bridge.
Many motorists pay $ 25 to professional drivers to drive their car to the other side of the bridge as they couldn’t tolerate to drive themselves.
Nevertheless, at its height of 186 feet , you can admire some beautiful sceneries from the bridge.
Watch the video to see what all is about.