10 things you probably don't know about New York

Are there more women or men in NYC? What is the most spoken language? Is it true that this city is full of millionaires or that it has the most expensive rentals in the world? And above all, what is this rumor that New Yorkers bite more ... than sharks? Here are the responses about all the curiosities related to New York and New Yorkers!

1. Crime has fallen sharply since 1990

In 1990, annus horribilis, 2,245 murders were recorded in New York. In 2017, it was "only" 286, the lowest rate since they started counting, and at levels that police officers said were the lowest since the 1950s. Curious fact: New Yorkers lived the most peaceful day in their history on 28 November 2012: that day did not mention a violent crime in the city.

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2. It is the city with the most expensive rentals in the world

New York is the city with the most expensive rentals in the world: a report from RentCafé (a search engine specializing in the international real estate market) says that it has analyzed monthly rental costs in the 30 main financial centers in the world.

It turned out not only that New York is the most expensive, with an average demand of 3,680 dollars (3,000 euros) per room, but it has also surpassed San Francisco, which until a few years ago was at the top of the table with a request for 3,500 dollars (2,900) per room.

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3. Women can move topless

Women in New York are legally authorized to show up without wearing a blouse or bra in public. And every day a group of topless girls invades Times Square to pose for tourist selfies.

This may not appeal to the mayor, who tried to remove this local practice, but it is complicated as the law is on the side of women: civil rights lawyers claim that Times Square women should be considered naked beggars and therefore, they are protected by two judgments by the supreme court and by the amendment on freedom of expression.

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4. How many yellow taxis are there?

If you have been to New York you will certainly have noticed the yellow taxis: according to an estimate made of a few years ago, there are more than 13 thousand ones. But why are they yellow? It was the businessman Harry N. Allen who wanted them that way in 1907, as he believed this color is best seen from afar.

All started in 1907, when businessman Harry N. Allen decided to invest in public transport and started the New York Taxicab Company, bringing the first gas-powered cabs to New York City. After a few years, two big cab companies of John Hertz and Albert Rockwell selected the colour yellow as they believed that was the easiest color to spot.

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5. 89 hours a year in traffic

According to an Inrix traffic study, New Yorkers spend 89 hours a year stuck in traffic, which equates to a total cost of $ 2,533 a year for each commuter. However, things in Los Angeles are worse as people spend in average 104 hours in traffic.

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6. The legend of the 21 elephants on the Brooklyn Bridge

When the Brooklyn Bridge was finished in 1883, New Yorkers feared that it was destined to collapse in a short time. To convince them of the stability of the work, the great circus P.T. Barnum crossed it with 21 elephants.

After 14 years of work, costing 15 million dollars, the Brooklyn Bridge was inaugurated in 1883 and Manhattan and Brooklyn were finally connected. It took more than 600 workers to transform 6740 tons of material into the iconic wonder of the Industrial Revolution. The bridge is supported by 4 cables, each 3578 feet (1090 meters) long, 15.5 inches (40 cm) thick and made with more than 21,000 individual wires.

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7. Why is it called "Big Apple" (The Big Apple)?

The first to refer New York as an apple tree was  Mr. Edward S. Martin in 1909. In his book "The Wayfarer in New York", he compares the state of New York as an apple tree with roots in the Mississippi valley and its fruit - the apple - in the city of New York.

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8. Millionaires in New York

One out of 21 New Yorkers is a millionaire and 105 people living in this city is a billionaire. These very fortunate people would be those who live more than 800 feet (243 meters) high, on the upper floors of skyscrapers.

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9. It is a city of immigrants

New York City is home to the largest Chinese community outside of Asia, the largest number of Puerto Ricans compared to any other city in the world (including San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico!) and with the largest Dominican population, outside of Santo Domingo.

According to the latest census, over 3 million New Yorkers born outside the US (40% of the total) and a quarter of them arrived in New York after 2000.

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10. Only 1 in 38 is New York DOC

1 in 38 of the people living in the United States is a New Yorker. With 8.5 million inhabitants, New York is in fact the most crowded city in the United States. Women are more numerous than men (about 400 thousand units) and one inhabitant out of 4 is under 18 years old.

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