12 Must Try Italian Foods

Beautiful Italy enchantes travelers with her stunning scenery, unique culture, and gastronomical delights. Italian cuisine is a rich one as it ha sa great variety of different ingredients which are commonly used, ranging from fruits, vegetables, sauces, meats, etc. This beautiful Mediterranean land offers countless famous and traditional must-eat foods.

Here’s our list of the top 10 Italian foods that you just can’t miss on tasting them .


These Sicilian delights are balls of leftover risotto that are mixed with cheese and sometimes peas, or mince, or other fillings, then crumbed and deep-fried.The name means "little orange" and it derives from their shape and colour which, after cooking, is reminiscent of an orange. 

Pizza Napoletana

And of course when we think about Italian food….PIZZA !Pizza Napoletana is made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The essential  ingredients are tomato, sliced mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil, sometimes with a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese on top. 


Lasagne are wide, flat-shaped pasta, and possibly one of the oldest types of pasta.".It’s a dish made with several layers of lasagne sheets alternated with sauces and other ingredients, such as meats and cheese. It’s famous as Garfield’s favorite food and the most popular variation remains the classic Lasagne alla Bolognese.


There are numerous gelaterias in Italy as Italian ice-cream is very famous and undoubtedly more than tasty. So many  flavors for all the tastes served in a cone or a cup. The texture is softer than ice cream and made with different ingredients. Also,southern Italy founded the dairy-free gelato (sorbets). 

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Who hasn’t ever tried this tasty dish ?!The most popular Roman pasta dish is the spaghetti alla Carbonara -a creamy, peppery mix of eggs, pecorino cheese and crispy guanciale (cured pigs cheek) stirred through al dente pasta. 


Caponata is a Sicilian eggplant dish consisting of a cooked vegetable salad made from chopped fried eggplant and celery seasoned with sweetened vinegar, with capers in a sweet and sour sauce. There are many local variations of the ingredients that are being used such as olives, carrots and green bell peppers, potatoes, or pine nuts and raisins.


Focaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread product similar in style and texture to pizza doughs. It may be topped with herbs ,olive oil, salt and other ingredients. It can be used as a side to many meals, as a base for pizza, or as sandwich bread. 


Panzanella or panmolleis a Tuscan salad of bread and tomatoes that it includes chunks of soaked stale bread and tomatoes, sometimes also onions and basil, dressed with olive oil and vinegar. It is popular in the summer. 

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Risotto is a very popular dish in Italy and not only. It comprises of rice cooked in a broth, derived from meat, fish, or vegetables to a creamy consistency. One of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy is with butter, wine, and onion. Risotto in Italy is served normally as a first course before the main course. 

Ossobuco alla Milanese

It’s a Milanese specialty , delicious and  traditional dish that dates back to the nineteenth century. There are many modern variations of osso bucco include tomatoes, but authentic Milanese osso bucco is cooked without. 


Gnocchi are various thick, small, and soft dough dumplings that may be made from semolina, ordinary wheat flour, egg, cheese, potato, breadcrumbs, cornmeal, or similar ingredients,with or without flavourings of herbs, vegetables, cocoa, or prunes. Gnocchi are eaten as a first course , as an alternative to soups or pasta. Vegetarians will enjoy the “pomodoro style”.


Ribollita is a famous Tuscan soup, considered as poor man's food,made with bread and vegetables. There are many variations but the main ingredients always include leftover bread, cannellini beans, Lacinato kale, cabbage, and inexpensive vegetables such as carrot, beans, chard, celery, potatoes and onion. Its name literally means "reboiled".

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