13 US Cities That Feel Like Popular European Destinations

Travelers often dream of wandering the romantic streets of Paris, admiring the historic architecture of Rome, or soaking up the artsy atmosphere of Barcelona. While the allure of Europe is undeniable, the United States is home to some spectacular cities that give off distinctly European vibes. Here's a guide to 15 U.S. cities that can transport you to Europe without crossing the Atlantic.

New Orleans, Louisiana - Feels like: Southern France

The French Quarter, with its historic architecture, Creole cuisine, and jazz music, evokes feelings reminiscent of Marseille or Bordeaux.

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Boston, Massachusetts - Feels like: London, England

The charming brownstones, cobbled streets, and rich colonial history give Boston an English aura, especially around Beacon Hill and the Freedom Trail.

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St. Augustine, Florida - Feels like: Spain

Founded by the Spanish in 1565, it's the oldest city in the U.S., filled with Spanish colonial architecture and historic forts.

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Charleston, South Carolina - Feels like: A Southern European Coastal Town

With its cobblestone streets, historic homes, and waterfront views, Charleston feels akin to a coastal city in southern Spain or Italy.

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San Francisco, California - Feels like: Lisbon, Portugal

Think of the cable cars, steep hills, and the nearby Pacific Ocean. Both cities have iconic bridges and a love for seafood.

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Leavenworth, Washington - Feels like: Bavaria, Germany

This city was transformed into a Bavarian village in the 1960s. The Alpine-style buildings and Oktoberfest celebrations will make you think you’re in the heart of Germany.

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Solvang, California - Feels like: Denmark

Founded by Danish Americans, Solvang boasts windmills, timber-framed houses, and bakeries selling Danish pastries.

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Holland, Michigan - Feels like: The Netherlands

With its annual Tulip Time Festival, historic windmill, and Dutch architecture, Holland is a slice of the Netherlands in the Midwest.

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Venice, California - Feels like: Venice, Italy

Though more bohemian than its Italian counterpart, the Venice Canals in California echo the waterways and bridges of Venice, Italy.

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Las Vegas, Nevada - Feels like: Various European Cities

The Venetian, Paris Las Vegas, and Caesars Palace all evoke different European locales, albeit with a glitzy twist.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Feels like: Rome, Italy

With its historic sites like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and beautiful fountains, Philly channels the old-world charm of Rome.

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Montpelier, Vermont - Feels like: French countryside

Quaint and picturesque, Montpelier’s artisan boutiques, cafes, and the New England landscape bear a resemblance to rural France.

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Carmel-by-the-Sea, California - Feels like: Coastal England or France

With its fairy-tale cottages, cool weather, and Pacific Ocean views, Carmel could easily be a sister city to a European coastal village.

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