50 Things You Won't Believe Are Considered Normal In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city like no other, with its own unique culture and customs. From the celebrity sightings to the endless sunshine and the diverse food options, there are many things that are considered normal in L.A. but may seem strange or unusual to outsiders. In this list, we've compiled 50 of the most amusing and interesting things that are considered totally normal in Los Angeles, but may be hard to find or unheard of elsewhere. From the abundance of wellness and self-care practices to the love of all things avocado, these quirks and habits make L.A. the quirky and eclectic city that it is. So, without further ado, here are 50 things that are considered totally normal in Los Angeles...but nowhere else.


1. Wearing sunglasses at all times of the day and night

2. Going to the beach in December

3. Owning a car that costs more than your house

4. Not knowing your neighbor's names

5. Drinking $15 smoothies

6. Everyone having abs

7. Not owning a real winter coat

8. Eating at outdoor restaurants in the middle of a heatwave

9. Wearing Birkenstocks with socks

10. Owning multiple pairs of sunglasses

11. Getting Botox "just because"

12. Knowing the names of all the Kardashians

13. Seeing a yoga studio on every block

14. Posting photos of sunsets on Instagram

15. Taking an Uber everywhere

16. Wearing a t-shirt and shorts to a nightclub

17. Going to a crystal healing or sound bath session

18. Owning an electric scooter

19. Having a personal trainer

20. Spending hundreds of dollars on organic produce


21. Not leaving the house without sunscreen

22. Eating vegan food, even if you're not vegan

23. Going out to dinner at 10 pm

24. Everyone wearing the same designer clothes

25. Going to the mall just to people-watch

26. Wearing high heels to the beach

27. Seeing celebrities on a daily basis

28. Everyone having perfect teeth

29. Not owning an umbrella

30. Wearing flip-flops year-round

31. Drinking only artisanal coffee

32. Taking yoga classes in the park

33. Taking selfies at the Hollywood sign

34. Eating avocado toast for breakfast

35. Having a go-to sushi spot

36. Not tipping your waiter

37. Doing a regular juice cleanse

38. Cycling to work

39. Renting an Airbnb to crash in after a night out

40. Taking a spin class at 8am


41. Having a personal chef

42. Wearing Lycra to the gym

43. Wearing a beanie in July

44. Wearing a tank top in December

45. Going to the movies at midnight

46. Living in a tiny studio

47. Asking your Uber driver for advice on where to eat

48. Going to a juice bar for a hangover cure

49. Getting your groceries delivered by a personal shopper

50. Going clubbing in the middle of the day