8 Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

Travelling can be stressful sometimes, so let's not at the burden of standing in awkward situations.

Here, we will suggest a few standard operating procedures that every rational passenger need to follow to make the experience more enjoyable for you and those around you.

Don't worry about whether you are flying for the first time or introduce to the airport. This list is a fun and a good reminder of a few things that you should avoid whenever you get on an airplane.

So, buckle up passengers, the captain has on the fastest seat belt sign, which means it Showtime!

1. Queuing Up Is Wrong

It's time to kick off the habit of forming a queue outside the bathrooms to make sure nobody cuts in line before you.

Reasons to avoid brazenly queuing up:

It causes discomfort to those who are settled near the toilets.

Under the covid-19 situation, it can also hinder the safety issues of other passengers.

2. Spare Your Co-Passengers from Snore

Trust us; it is not healthy to set next to a stranger on a flight and start snoring loudly like everyone on the plane could not hear it. 

If you're one of those who snore loudly, don't sleep on an airplane.

3. Curtail on Drinking

Alcohol can be extremely dehydrating because the thin- air of a plane can make the effect of the alcohol hit you faster and harder.

We suggest you to avoid ordering accident because it can increase 98% of chances of spilling your drink and affecting the people around you.

4. Buy Food after Getting off The Plane

Avoid carrying food on the plane from the terminal. Carrying overstuffed food bag can be equally great for your stomach but also messy for others because it kept on falling from the turbulence. 

5. Corporation is the Key

If you are sitting in the middle seat, try to be cooperative and cause no inconvenience for your neighbors. We understand it can be pretty annoying, but remember every passenger has to follow sitting within the standard three-person row.

6. Use Headphones

To avoid others from overhearing your friendly, calm conversation between you and your mother or between you and your child school principal.
It is always better to use headphones. You do not want to be the person making overly loud noises of any kind.


7. Don’t Touch a Flight Attendant

Passengers can ring the call light or maybe just say, ‘Excuse me if they need something or a favor. Always remember not to invade the flight attendant personal space.

8. Don’t Travel Unprepared

A happy traveler is the one, who prepare for their flight properly, pack sweaters and snacks in case they get hungry. Being cranky can kill the vibes of other passengers too.
These are some of the tips every lovely human being should try to follow and think about the people around them on a plane. The goal is to be courteous.