A $5 Billion USD Giant Moon-Shaped Resort Is Coming To Dubai

The cutting edge of architecture and design certainly reigns supreme in Dubai, known for its towering buildings and luxury resorts. And if you think that nothing can surprise you anymore in this city, you are wrong!

Dubai may launch a $5 billion moon-shaped destination resort designed by Canadian architecture firm, Moon World Resorts Inc. The company intends to build the 224-meter-tall luxury lunar complex in Dubai and plans to have it ready within 48 months, aiming to attract 2.5 million visitors a year and with an annual forecast of $1.8 billion in revenue.

It is designed to offer an accessible and authentic space tourism experience to enthusiasts around the world as it is a simulation of the Moon giving travelers an authentic lunar surface to explore without having to travel outside the stratosphere.

The UAE is one of several destinations in the Mena region that could host the luxury lunar resort. Photo: Moon World Resorts

The impressive 10-acre resort will include a wellness center, convention center, restaurants and nightclub and more, focusing on areas such as space tourism, hospitality and technology. It will also feature 300 private residences called 'Sky Villas', which are available for purchase. And, in fact, all within the huge crater-shaped moon.

While there are currently no concrete plans to open this particular resort in Dubai, according to Michael Henderson, one of the two Canadian entrepreneurs behind the project, the company's plans focus on licensing Moon Destination Resorts in four destinations around the planet.