A Sicilian town is offering a free month-long stay and £2,750 of spending money for two lucky winners

Ah, the enigmatic allure of artistic creation finds a serendipitous marriage with the bewitching landscapes of Italy—Sicily to be precise, all at the munificent behest of a quaint township. Have you ever envisioned yourself, brush in hand or chisel poised, ensconced in the heart of La Bella Italia, whilst incurring zero financial detriment? Then, lo and behold, your fantastical reverie might just crystallize into tangible reality!

The geographical locus of this utopian proposition? Sambuca Di Sicilia—a town that perhaps you’ve already earmarked due to its audacious initiative of auctioning domiciles at the minuscule price tag of a singular euro. Now, with open arms, this cultural haven beckons a kaleidoscope of artists, spanning disciplines and artistic mediums, to partake in an unprecedented odyssey.

Photo: [fokkebok] ©

Once selected, these fortuitous virtuosos will luxuriate in neighboring sumptuous dwellings, replete with culinary spaces, work chambers, communal relaxation areas, and balconies that offer sweeping, panoramic vistas of an idyllic lake and a venerable Arab fortress—a tableau vivant if ever there was one. To further sweeten this decadent pot, a pecuniary honorarium of £1,700 (€2,000, $2150) accompanies each artist, supplemented by a discretionary £1,000 (€1,200, $1265) to lavish upon artistic accoutrements. A cornucopia of delectable sustenance and sage counsel from indigenous personnel is but the cherry atop this opulent confection.

Yet this month-long symposium of artistic fecundity comes with a singular stipulation. Mayor Giuseppe Cacioppo elucidates that participants are expected to transmute their Sicilian sojourn into a tangible oeuvre d'art, to be bequeathed unto the municipality. Given the grandiosity of the environs—a locale steeped in a rich tapestry of history, dating back to the annals of 830 AD and known colloquially as ‘Sicily’s Granary’ for its protracted agrarian legacy—this scarcely appears an arduous undertaking. Behold! Ancient millstones still laboriously produce pasta and bread, as the town’s architecture and alpine landscape offer an unending wellspring of inspiration.

'Make no mistake, the Mayor asserts in dialogue with the i newspaper, 'this call to artistic arms is panoramic in its scope. Whether your medium transmutes into labyrinthine alley installations, grandiloquent museum pieces, or even ephemeral performances and poetic declamations, all shall find sanctuary here.'

So, perchance this narrative has ignited the dormant ember of your artistic yearning, why hesitate? The application deadline looms menacingly on the horizon—September 11 is the cut-off. Unfurl your portfolio, sharpen your CV, and heed this clarion call. Could there be a more felicitous enterprise for your impending October?