First time in New York: Directions and useful tips

It's your first time in New York and would you like some advice for your stay? Here are the best places to see and lots of other useful information

If you go to New York for the first time, advice on how to get to the center can come in handy. In most cases he lands at JF Kennedy International Airport and many tourists make the mistake of spending a few dollars in the taxi.The fastest and most economical solution is public transport: Metro line A takes passengers directly to Manhattan.If you arrive at Newark, instead, you can get to New Jersey and then take a train that reaches downtown New York in 20 minutes.

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Other useful tips for the first time in New York certainly concerning sights to see. The first stop of the tourist is undoubtedly the Empire State Building: on the 86th floor there is an observatory from which you can enjoy a great view of the city.A walk to the famous Brooklyn Bridge is also necessary, and then proceed to The Battery, the park where you can see the Statue of Liberty and even without taking the boat.Not far from the Tower of Freedom, the fourth tallest skyscraper in the world, was built in the twin towers area.

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Another one to see for the first time in New York is Central Park. It is the green lung of the city and offers amazing landscapes. At least one of the major museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art or the Natural History Museum, is also worth visiting. For a typical New York night, Times Square is definitely the best place. After a stroll through the shops and other attractions of the surrounding area.

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