Here's A Map That Swaps North American Cities With Major World Cities Of The Same Latitude

The curious dance of geography and climate unfurls a tapestry of contrasts, illuminated by a map shared by Reddit user havedal. This cartographic marvel swaps the names of cities across the sprawling expanse of North America with their transatlantic counterparts, revealing a fascinating discordance between latitude and climatic destiny.

Among the revelations that beckon for contemplation, the sunny disposition of Rome shares an unseen kinship with Chicago's latitude, a city ensconced in the lore of biting winters. This juxtaposition challenges the simplistic equation of geographic parallels with meteorological twins.

Further unravelling the enigma, the map casts a light on Milwaukee and Marseille, two cities tethered

Major cities and towns in North America replaced by major cities across the Atlantic by latitude.

Via: Reddit

Capital cities of Europe replaced with the largest city in North America by latitude.

Via: Reddit