Iceland is the No. 1 most peaceful country in the world

Amid the symphony of global dynamics, there lies a silvery note of tranquility that resounds loudest from Iceland - proclaimed as the zenith of peace, the unparalleled No. 1.

In the annals of the 2023 Global Peace Index - an annual tome that unfurls the narrative of global equanimity - it's elucidated that this list isn't merely about placidity. The study, an erudite endeavor by The Institute for Economics and Peace, navigates the intricate channels of 'negative peace'. It gazes upon the spectrum through a tri-prism:

  • The simmering cauldrons of both domestic and international tumult,
  • The bulwark of societal sanctuary and the assurance of safety,
  • And the often-overlooked but crucial metric of militarization.


In a somewhat melancholic refrain, the globe, they contend, has dipped a shade into the realm of trepidation compared to yesteryear. The specter of the COVID-19 pandemic casts a long shadow, consistent with the chronicle of 2022.

America - that vast mosaic of states - finds itself nestled in the 131st nook. Yet, casting our gaze to the brighter horizons, we discover that a staggering seven of the peace-laden decagon hail from the old continent: Europe.

Ah, Iceland! Since the inaugural dawn of this study in 2008, it has remained an unyielding beacon of peace. But wait, it doesn't merely rest on its laurels of peace; it dances as the third happiest realm on Earth, only shadowed by the gaieties of Finland and Denmark. A curious tidbit: over half the nation thrives in the bustling heart of Reykjavik, as recounted by the sages at National Geographic. The echoes of education resonate freely across the Icelandic terrain, and every young mind is immersed in the linguistic tapestries of both Danish and English.

Now, for a brief serenade of the luminous ten:

1. Iceland
2. Denmark
3. Ireland
4. New Zealand
5. Austria
6. Singapore
7. Portugal
8. Slovenia
9. Japan
10. Switzerland

Denmark, the silver medalist of peace, houses its beating heart in Copenhagen. This metropolis cradles institutions like the illustrious Copenhagen Stock Exchange and stands as a nexus, bridging Northern Europe to the world's diverse tapestry. Ah, but living here comes with its fiscal intricacies. The Danes part with a significant portion of their earnings, but it's a pact with purpose. In return, the nation unfurls a bounty of welfare - free academic pursuits, pension-laden sunsets, and care-infused twilight years.

Lastly, alight upon the verdant shores of Ireland, the "Emerald Isle." This green jewel, Europe's second-largest isle after the majestic Great Britain, is a realm in renaissance. A testament to its burgeoning vitality? A population surge of a staggering 10% in a mere decade, making it a sprightly contender in the EU, as per the scrolls of the Central Statistics Office.