I flew to Italy to get pizza and the trip cost me less than a Domino’s pie

In an astonishing turn of events, a sizable amount of money was saved.

A well-known British social media personality became the object of admiration for many culinary enthusiasts and life-hackers when he embarked on a journey to Italy for the sole purpose of purchasing pizza — all at a cost lower than that of a Domino's pie. The video chronicling this enterprising young man's budget-conscious pizza pilgrimage has already amassed an impressive 1.9 million views on TikTok.

"Challenge accepted: Fly to Italy, buy pizza, and still spend less than the cost of a Domino's pizza," proclaimed London-based Callum Ryan, detailing his ambitious plan in the much-discussed video clip.

At first glance, this feat appeared unattainable: A medium pizza from the UK branches of the popular fast-food chain costs approximately £19.99 ($24.64), an amount that seemed considerably lower than the combined expense of air travel and a genuine Italian pizza.

Nonetheless, the ingenious London native managed to secure a last-minute flight to Milan for a mere £8 ($10). Utilizing TikTok, he discovered the "finest" — and presumably most budget-friendly — pizzeria that the Margherita capital had to offer, as seen in the video.

To his delight, upon arrival, Ryan received a complimentary glass of prosecco and an antipasti platter before indulging in the Margherita pizza itself. The cost, including the service charge, amounted to £9.72 (approximately $12). He also ordered a drink, which, as the financially astute gastronome pointed out, "didn't count because that's an optional extra at Domino's."

In total, the combined expense of the flight and the pizza was roughly half the price of a Domino's medium pizza.

"We did it," exclaimed the triumphant Brit, exchanging a celebratory fist-bump at the conclusion of the video.

Despite the undeniable achievement, numerous TikTok users were quick to point out that the cost-saving hack failed to account for the social media influencer's travel expenses to the pizzeria and his return flight to London.

"That's a long walk from the airport," quipped a witty commenter, while a skeptical observer inquired, "What was the return flight cost??"

"And how you getting back then," mused another.

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