In London the most impressive pool of the world

One of the most impressive swimming pools in the world will be built on the roof of a skyscraper in London. It is designed by Compass Pools and will be located on the 55th floor of a 220m skyscraper.  

Construction will begin in 2020 and since it is a very ambitious project, it has not yet been announced when it will be ready. The building will be called "Infinity London" and will be the first and only in the world with such a pool. The 600,000 liters of water achievement offers a unique experience for visitors and breathtaking views in London and the British sky.

The pool will be made of materials that create transparent sides and floors, making it even more impressive. At night the pool will be illuminated with impressive lights.

As the Compass Pools company explains, entering the impressive pool will be through a rotating stairway that will "be lift" when someone wants to get into the water or get out of it.

The construction of the swimming pool according to the company will start in 2020.