Italian cuisine was declared as the best in the world!

In a survey conducted among 24 countries and a sample of 25,000 people, Italian cuisine was declared as the best one in the world. People around the world eat pizza and pasta.

99% of the Italians voted in favor of their own ethnic kitchen, while 94% of Spanish respondents agreed with them. On the other hand, The Chinese seem to be not very convinced by the taste of pizza, as only one out of two voted for it.

In fact, research finds that the Japanese are the toughest critics in every nation's food. 23 of the 34 cuisines were rated with a percentage less than 50%. On average, only 39% of Japanese people who had tried a particular foreign cuisine said they liked it.

In the top 10 positions of the research are the Spanish, American, Mexican, Indian and Turkish cuisine. The eleventh place took the national food of Korea, followed by the greek one, above the vietnamese.

The following diagram shows which countries (horizontal line) voted which national cuisine (vertical column).