McDonald's is giving out the McGold Card and the chance to win free food for life

Due to the Christmas holidays, McDonald's decided to offer a particularly great gift to its customers. How would it sound to have free food meals for life? Do you like fast food and does this prospect sound very tempting?

Well, the well-known food chain has decided this year to bring back its famous McGold Card for the first time since 2018, with which some lucky customers will win free food for life, or at least something very close to it, as we'll explain below. Specifically, starting December 5th, every purchase of at least $1 made on the McDonald's app will count as one entry to win the McGold Card. The draw closes on December 25th and winners will be notified shortly thereafter. Of course even if you are not lucky enough to win one of the cards you will still have the chance to win other smaller prizes.

The McGold Card is back at McDonald's.

The company announced that there will be three lucky winners who will win the above prize and each of them will choose three other people to receive this unique gift, so a total of 12 golden cards will be given away as part of the "SZN of Sharing" campaign, a campaign that will allow customers to earn deals and merchandise through the McDonald's app.

But what does free food "for life" mean? You are certainly not going to eat at McDonald's every day and unlimited for your whole life, that's the only thing for sure, but it would not be wise in any case to choose fast food in your diet every day. However, the card provides you with two meals a week for 50 years. So while it's not really unlimited food you can eat, it's certainly an absolutely massive amount of fast food you'll get for free with a McGold card.