New York, Home of Pizza as We Know It

Everyone’s favorite dish, pizza, is an Italian classic. Yes, that cheesy pie is a specialty in Naples, where it was invented,  but if what you want is a hearty slice of pepperoni pizza, then New York is where you want to go.


New York-style pizza, the one we know and love, was created in New York by Italian immigrants. Lombardi’s, America’s first pizzeria, was established in the city’s Little Italy in 1905, and you can still grab a slice there! Back then, a slice ran for just five cents, but even today, pizza is one of the most wholesome and well-priced meals in the Big Apple.

If you’re a foodie, visiting New York’s oldest pizzerias is a tour worth taking. Start at Lombardi’s at 32 Spring Street but leave some space for a slice at Totonno’s Pizzeria, on Coney Island. Your last stop is John’s of Bleecker Street; these guys make the meanest cheesy pizza since 1929.


As for the toppings, expect everything from meatballs and pepperoni to clams. Clam pizza? That’s right, New York’s pizza scene has many secrets, but you must come visit to discover them one bite at a time!