Pangeos: An $8 billion giant floating turtle-shaped continent

As technology evolves, creativity and innovation in design will continue to amaze us. 

Studio Lazzarini and Pierpaolo Lazzarini return with a new innovative concept of a monumental terayacht. This is Pangeos, where according to its official website, it will include various hotels, shopping malls, parks, ship and aircraft ports and all the other facilities needed to house up to 60,000 guests in the middle of the sea with all the amenities.

Photo: Lazzarini Design Studio

The terayacht takes its name from Pangaea, the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. It will be shaped like a giant sea turtle and will be luxurious and self-sufficient. If Lazzarini's idea comes to fruition, Pangeos will become the world's largest ship - and the largest floating structure - at 550 meters (1,800 feet) long and 610 meters (2,000 feet) at its widest point, the wings, which will be able to accommodate 60,000 people, who will live lavishly in 30,000 resorts, side apartments and thousands of modern villas.

Photo: Lazzarini Design Studio

The innovative floating structure consists of the central square, surrounded by villas, private residences and terraced buildings, with a huge garden, beach club and shopping center while ending in the upper zone-turtle shell, which lends itself to the landing of various flying vehicles. In addition to the impressive internal structure of the giant floating structure, the design team has divided the bottom of the "turtle" - with a draft of 30 meters - into 30,000 cells or compartments.

Photo: Lazzarini Design Studio

Pangeos is designed to travel around the world non-stop at a constant speed of 5 knots (9.2 km/h) thanks to its  9 HTS engines of 16,800 hp each. It will draw power from waves and its roof will be covered by solar panels, providing some of the necessary clean energy to be powered.

If the boat is ever built, the amount of 8 billion dollars will be needed for its construction!