Sunny Italian region will pay you £26,000 to move there as long as you’re the right age

Under the warm embrace of Italy's sun, the heart yearns for adventure, nostalgia, and, well, perhaps a little hint of that intoxicating Dolce Vita. Haven't we all at some point contemplated a bag in hand, a one-way ticket to the land of amore, and dreams painted in hues of olive groves, vineyards, and pristine coastlines?

Ah, but the winds of fate bring tidings even sweeter. What if—hold your breath now—that very relocation came with a paycheck?

Sounds too poetic to be true, doesn’t it? Yet, there's a slight rub. A small print that reads: you’ve got to have lived enough, but not too much. The magical age? Under 40. For those in the bloom of their youth, the active residency income scheme beckons.


Calabria, a whisper on every Italian lover’s lips, awaits you. Ever heard of Italy’s 'toe'? Yes, that's Calabria, the region that stretches out like the enticing end of a boot, begging to be explored. It boasts vistas that would give the most seasoned traveller pause: beaches that could make poets out of us all and mountains that promise serenity, akin to the Amalfi Coast minus the tumultuous throngs.

But why, you might ask, this generosity from Calabria? A sumptuous £26,000 incentive dangles before those willing to take the leap.

However, the gift comes with its responsibilities. Not just about absorbing the culture or learning the difference between penne and fusilli. You have a mere 90 days to make up your mind. Forget a grand farewell party back home. Plus, you must have more than just passion; a dash of entrepreneurial spirit is needed. Breathe life, infuse vigor into Calabria's quaint nooks. Either carve out a fresh business niche that aligns with the locals' needs or slide into roles that await in eateries, inns, or perhaps charming boutiques.

For those bold enough, rewards manifest in tantalizing monthly tranches of up to £1,000 across three years or a delectable lump sum, setting your entrepreneurial dreams afloat.

The canvas for this life's masterpiece? Quaint villages, each echoing with the tales of 2,000 souls or fewer. Councillor Gianluca Gallo, the visionary behind this rejuvenation, dreams of preserving the essence of these microcosms, the 'true identity of the territory'. He envisions a mosaic where job demands gracefully waltz with job supply, anchored in the village’s authentic needs.

With a treasure pot of around £620,000 reserved for this endeavor, Calabria is not just offering a home; it's crafting a legacy.

For those whose heartstrings resonate with this siren call, a detailed manual awaits, guiding souls towards their Italian dreamscape.

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