The impressive video of a bus driver on the Amalfi Coast

Are you arranging a journey to the most popular tourist destination, the Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi Coast is full of natural beauty, but the trip might be terrifying. The twisty roads of the adventurous Amalfi coast will be an unforgettable memory for you. The roads between the mountains that are plunging into the sea are quite frightening. To drive a vehicle on this jam road needs expertise and experience.

A road trip to the Amalfi coast is great fun, but it can be scary and unsafe depending on your driver. 

Types Of Roads You May Experience On The Amalfi Coast

Amalfi coast stretches over the multiple towns of Italy, and it is a prime tourist attraction of Italy. Amalfi drive is the traditional name of Amalfi road. It is made by carving the cliff, so on one side, there is a beautiful view of the deep blue sea, while on the other side there is a rugged cliff. 

Apart from the captivating view, the precarious Amalfi drive is too narrow with 16 km twisting makes your tour memorable because this journey gives you a blend of enjoyment, thrill and fear. 

Why Should You Opt For Buses?

Sita buses run over the town following the route of Amalfi to the gorgeous city of Salerno to facilitate your tour. Another way to visit Amalfi is from Sorrento to Amalfi. 

The bus drivers are skilled, so it is safe to use this service. Because of road traffic, sometimes the buses get stuck for a long time. The experienced coach drivers easily operate their service in these narrow, twisting Amalfi drives. Watch this video how a skilled bus driver is handling thechallenges of Amalfi Coast.

Enjoy The Drive In A Car Or Two-Wheels

You can enjoy your Amalfi coast trip in a private car or rental car. Using a private vehicle is sometimes very stressful due to the heavy traffic, big coaches, one lane for both directions, and narrow roads. Private rental cars worth a few hundred dollars are perfect for this journey.

Motorbike and cycle can also be the means of transportation on the Amalfi Coast.