The most expensive home in the world ($250,000,000)

Imagine living in a home that not only boasts unparalleled luxury but also reigns supreme as the highest residence on Earth. Enter the $250,000,000 penthouse at Central Park Tower in New York City. This breathtaking abode, featured in a video by YouTube channel Graham Stephan, defines the pinnacle of opulence and sets a new benchmark for luxury living.

The Ultimate Sky-High Residence

Perched atop the tallest residential tower on the planet, this record-breaking penthouse occupies the top three floors of Central Park Tower, rising 1,416 feet above the bustling streets of New York City. With a generous 17,545 sq. ft. of interior space and an additional 1,433 sq. ft. outdoor terrace, this residence provides an unrivaled living experience.

Panoramic Vistas Like No Other

The penthouse offers four exposures and unobstructed views of the city's most iconic landmarks. Gaze upon Central Park's lush landscape, marvel at the glittering skyline of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan, or watch the ebb and flow of the rivers that surround the island. The unparalleled vistas are so immense that they seem to stretch on indefinitely.

A Testament to Architectural Excellence

Extell Development Company, in collaboration with Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, crafted Central Park Tower to be the epitome of New York skyscrapers. With its elegant form and dazzling stature, this global icon soars 1,550 feet above the city, providing 360-degree views from every residence. Rottet Studios meticulously designed the interiors, ensuring each home seamlessly blends modern living with the apex of luxury.

Central Park Club: A World of Exclusive Amenities

Residents of Central Park Tower have access to the prestigious Central Park Club, offering approximately 50,000 square feet of hotel-style services and amenities across three floors. The Club caters to a wide range of celebrations and social events, featuring a 60-foot-long outdoor swimming pool, cabana deck, private park, state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center, multiple lounges, a dramatic screening room, and the highest grand ballroom and private restaurant ever constructed in New York City.

The $250,000,000 penthouse at Central Park Tower redefines luxury living, offering an unmatched living experience for those who seek the absolute best. With its record-breaking height, breathtaking views, and exclusive amenities, this extraordinary residence is truly the one above all else.