These are the most annoying passengers you will encounter on a flight

We all have our own personal experiences of our fellow passengers on air travel and what we can all agree on is that some travelers can become quite annoying. 

The travel resource website ‘Only Wanderlust’ recently published a survey of the most annoying passengers on an airplane.  Using a sample of more than 1,500 travelers, they ranked the most common airline passenger annoyances in a list.

What kind of passengers bother you the most when you are on a flight?

According to this survey, there are many problems that one can cause to his fellow passengers. Nowadays, there are occurrences related to the Covid-19, such as passengers who do not wear their masks properly. 

Let's see who bothers us the most and let's hope we are not one of the annoying ones!

1. The Passenger kicking the seat: The gold medal of the annoying is won by those who kick the seats, as it has happened to all of us on at least one of our trips.

2. The Stinker: The truth is that in a world full of deodorants, there is no excuse for poor hygiene, especially when the flight is long and the passenger next to him does not smell exactly like flowers.

3. The Loud and Proud: It is this passenger who speaks so loudly, the moment you want to enjoy a relaxing journey.

4. The Leaner: When someone pulls from your seat or leans on it, not caring if it bothers you.

5. The Drunk Flyer: The truth is that when you choose to "empty" the alcoholic beverages from the plane's minibar, in addition to relaxing yourself, you will only manage to upset the whole plane with your behavior

6. Crying children: In the end, even young children do not escape from this survey, since a large percentage of passengers prefer to go on a quiet flight than to "pierce" the ear of a child crying.

7. The Recliner: We would all rather be lying in our seats than sitting during a flight. Throwing our seat, however, all the way back, is definitely not going to end well, and from what it looks like a great percentage of the passengers will probably end up kicking it.

8. The Scented: Those who smell may have the second place among the most annoying passengers, but on the other hand, those who overdo it with the perfume, are not missing from this list.

9. The Not-So-Masked: Passengers who do not wear their mask properly can be as annoying as those who do not wear it at all, especially when they choose to wear it in the most wrong and unorthodox way.

10. The Loud Sleeper: A snoring passenger can be your worst nightmare in the plans of a long and tedious flight, especially when this person is sitting right next to you.