The world's tallest roller coaster will open in 2020 in Orlando, FL

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who hate roller coasters, and those who will ride the craziest and scariest of roller coasters all day long. And for the second ….the scarier the ride, the better. If you're one of those people who love  roller coasters ,here take a look of the upcoming tallest roller coaster in the world.

After several delays, the world’s tallest roller coaster  is expected to open in 2020 with construction beginning in 2017.It will be located at the planned Skyplex complex in Orlando,Florida and this amazing construction will be called obviously  ‘’Skyscraper’’. The upcoming  roller coaster ,designed by American and Swiss manufacturers US Thrill Rides and Intamin , will be approximately 500 feet (150 m) long  and once completed  it will be the world’s highest , leaving in the second place the 465-foot tall Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The  attraction will be a Polercoaster model which utilizes an observation tower as its main support structure and will feature both the steepest drop in the world at 123 degrees and the  highest inversion. The ride is going to accommodate , theoretically, a capacity of 1000 riders per hour and it will cost around $250 million.

An animation was released showing what a ride on the world’s tallest roller coaster will feel like … so let’s take a look !