This London borough has been named the best place in the UK to raise a family

Embarking on the journey of selecting a domicile transcends mere choice; it's an intricate ballet danced atop a mosaic of elements, ranging from the tangible allure of conveniences and vehicular accommodations, to the more ethereal considerations like the fiscal demands of existence and the whispers of the air that we breathe, laden as it may be with the specters of pollution.

This tapestry grows exponentially more complex when the patter of little feet enters the equation. Suddenly, the academic reputation of local educational institutions, as adjudicated by Ofsted's discerning gaze, and the family-friendliness of the locale vault to prominence in one's considerations.

In an enlightening revelation from the security maestro, ADT, the arcane arts of research have been employed to conjure the ultimate alchemy—a "family safety score." This meticulously crafted equation weaves together the myriad threads of what makes a habitat not just liveable, but thriveable, for kin.


The findings? A tapestry rich in surprise and affirmation, with the crown of familial utopia resting upon the verdant brow of Waltham Forest, nestled within the heart of North London. Here, amid the bustle of urbanity, lies a sanctum achieving a family safety score of 7.23 out of 10. This bastion of security boasts commendably low rates of burglary and malfeasance, a constellation of educational institutions shining with “good” or “outstanding” ratings, swathes of verdure, and the boon of transport affordability—a mere £1.75 to traverse the borough by bus.

Yet, the narrative of domicile selection within London's boroughs whispers tales of fiscal grandeur, with the cost of acquisition tipping scales towards the pricier end. Nevertheless, the scales of decision may well tilt in favor of Waltham Forest, where the tapestry of advantages weaves a compelling case for settlement.

In a closely contested race for familial haven, the silver is clasped by Kirklees, in the embrace of West Yorkshire. With a family safety score of 7.12, this borough sings ballads of economic bus journeys at £1.60, bastions against burglary, verdant expanses, and the siren song of houses whispering promises of affordability.


The bronze podium is graced by Havering, another jewel in London's crown, with a score of 6.99. Here, the torch of academia burns bright, with a wealth of institutions basking in “good” or “outstanding” Ofsted radiance. Coupled with a commendable stance against crime, transport fees that don't demand a king's ransom, and green spaces aplenty, Havering stands as a testament to familial sanctuaries.

Behold, the tapestry of the top ten sanctuaries across the UK, woven with scores that narrate tales of safety, learning, and greenery, inviting families to weave their own stories within:

1. Waltham Forest, London
2. Kirklees, West Yorkshire
3. Havering, London
4. Bexley, London
5.Bromley, London
6. Wirral, Merseyside
7. Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
8. Hillingdon, London
9. Hounslow, London
10. Sefton, Merseyside