This city has been named the most liveable in Europe

In the ever-evolving tapestry of urban European life, a riveting new chapter unfolds, courtesy of the European Commission's latest findings. Amidst the vibrant mosaic of the continent's cities, an astounding majority, nearly nine in ten denizens, proclaim a robust contentment with their urban existence. This revelation, emerging from the Commission's meticulous survey, despite indicating a slight dip in overall happiness since the year 2019, paints a tableau of considerable satisfaction.

In the heart of this urban satisfaction odyssey stands Zurich, Switzerland's crowning jewel, which has elegantly clinched the title of Europe's most liveable city in the annals of the 2023 report. This accolade was not bestowed lightly; Zurich emerged victorious among a constellation of 82 cities, a list encompassing members from the EU, the European Free Trade Association, the UK, the verdant expanses of the Western Balkans, and the crossroads of cultures, Türkiye. This decision, carved from the opinions of over 71,000 urban dwellers, resonates with the harmony of a well-orchestrated symphony.


Zurich's denizens revel in a symphony of satisfactions – from the vibrancy of their employment landscape to the whisper-quiet efficiency of public transport, the nurturing embrace of healthcare services, the breath of fresh air quality, to the robustness of their financial realms. Yet, in this almost utopian cityscape, the dragon of housing affordability rears its head, with a mere 11 percent of voices able to sing praises of ease in securing affordable sanctuaries. Nonetheless, Zurich basks in the glow of a staggering 97 percent satisfaction crescendo, a testament to its overall livability.

Contrasting sharply with Zurich's illustrious narrative is Palermo, Sicily's beacon of culture and economy, which finds itself grappling with a less favorable critique. Despite being draped in beauty, bathed in sunlight, and boasting a culinary legacy akin to ambrosia, only 62 percent of its inhabitants find solace in their residence within its embrace.

The report casts a shadow over Palermo's standing as a nurturing ground for families and young progeny, with a mere 34 percent satisfaction rate with its verdant spaces and only 37 percent finding solace in its healthcare provisions.

The ten most liveable cities in Europe

1. Zürich
2. Copenhagen
3. Groningen
4. Gdańsk
5. Leipzig
6 .Stockholm
7. Geneva
8. Rostock
9. Cluj-Napoca
10. Braga

The ten least liveable cities in Europe

1. Palermo
2. Athens
3. Istanbul
4. Tirana
5. Naples
6. Belgrade
7. Rome
8. Skopje
9. Miskolc
10. Podgorica