This Italian Restaurant in Dubai Looks like Amalfi Coast's Lemon Groves

When life offers you the zesty citrus of lemons, what do you do? Well, if you're the folks at Mura, the Italian restaurant situated on The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, you transform it into an ostentatious, visually-striking, Instagram-worthy eatery that instantly transports diners to the Amalfi Coast and its surrounding areas (think Capri, Sicily, and more).

Among the impressive array of eateries on The Pointe, Mura reigns supreme (pun unintended) thanks to its over-the-top and larger-than-life interiors. Over a thousand plastic lemons (although our estimate may fall short) have been painstakingly installed to recreate the stunning citrus trees that the Amalfi Coast is renowned for. And, true to form, Mura doesn't apologize for being extra - in fact, they proudly describe themselves as 'ostentatious' on their website. For this alone, they certainly deserve a chef's kiss!

Mura makes no secret of its aim to whisk diners away to the Italian Rivera. From the outset, the trattoria focuses on creating the illusion of an escape to an exotic locale. They accomplish this by offering ornate mirrors and strategically-placed archways and stairs that are ideal for selfies, and an upstairs dining area featuring an outdoor terrace that boasts views overlooking the Palm Fountain.

Bright yellow lemons, mosaic tiles, and startling cobalt blue accents wrap themselves around the walls, immersing diners in a sensory explosion that perfectly captures the zesty and energetic ambiance of the restaurant. The plastic lemons may not be the real deal, but they do nothing to detract from the overall experience. The upbeat music at Mura is almost guaranteed to encourage patrons to linger long past dinner and segue into an after-party, especially since the restaurant's West Marina location affords guests prime seats to the Fountain Show. Add in traditional Tarantella dancers who perform most evenings, and dinner at Mura often becomes dinner and a show rolled into one.


Even the food at Mura adheres to the lime-and-lemony theme. You may not be able to sink your teeth into an actual lemon, but you can indulge in the restaurant's signature dessert, 'The Lemon,' which is shaped like a lemon and is as sweet as it is eye-catching. Trust us when we say that you won't regret spending your money on this sorbet, which is worth it for its #foodporn potential alone.

Mura's menu features rustic, authentic Italian fare with Mediterranean-style seafood delicacies and beloved Italian classics such as grilled langoustine, arancini, handmade pizzas, and pastas like veal ragu papardelle. All of which come together to create a flamboyant, Instagrammer's dream of an eatery that delivers on every front - delectable food, romantic views, and an atmosphere that leaves you saying "Mamma Mia!"