This essential map shows all 500 pub quizzes in central London

Ever pondered the recesses of your brain, diving into the obscure corners, to figure out the one topic you could passionately and confidently argue for hours? University Challenge, does it beckon you? Or, perhaps, you've indulged in the rich tapestry of trivia through episodes of 'No Such Thing As A Fish'? Ah! I see that glint in your eye – pub quizzes, the battleground of wits, beckon you!

Possibly, you're entrenched within a faction, a team with a moniker as catchy and amusing as 'Quizteama Aguilera'. Or, perchance, you're that astute observer who, with an almost Sherlockian flair, can discern celebrities with just the curve of their earlobe as your only clue. Or, in a more fleeting sense, perhaps you occasionally venture into the pub quiz world, harboring secret hopes that your obscure knowledge on noughties pop will earn its moment in the limelight.

Ah, kindred spirit of trivia, do I have a treat for you! Behold, a labor of love, an atlas for the curious: an interactive map, finely charting the nooks and crannies of London's 517 pub quizzes. This free treasure trove delineates central London's quizzing hubs – venue by venue, juxtaposed with days and costs. A veritable Aladdin's cave for the quizzing enthusiast!

The cartographer of this grand venture, Mr. Alan Evans, muses, "Currently, I've illuminated 517 venues – all welcoming to the wandering quiz aficionado. I've eschewed private clubs, keeping it democratic. The realm of pub quizzes is ever-evolving; my list may have its lacunae, but rest assured, I’ve been meticulous!" His endeavor doesn't stop there. Drenched in detail, this map boasts specifics - kick-off times, price tags for entry, tantalizing rewards, and, for the particularly discerning, the source of those twisty questions. The cherry on top? A delightful sort-by-day feature!

A hearty salute to you, Sir Alan.

Intrigued souls can embark on this journey through the digital ether, right here.