This hypersonic plane will fly you from Sydney to New York in under 90 minutes

In the realm of supersonic commercial flights, the Concorde's unfortunate failure may have momentarily dampened investors' ardor. Yet, astonishingly, in recent years, a resurgence of interest has spurred multiple aerospace companies to reach for the skies. For instance, Boom Supersonic has already obtained billions in orders from prominent airlines like United and American. Furthermore, Venus Aerospace, another industry leader, envisions its Stargazer jet revolutionizing travel by offering hypersonic flights—those reaching velocities five times faster than supersonic speeds.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Venus Aerospace embarked on its ambitious Stargazer project in 2020, amassing close to $50 million to shatter existing speed records. At the heart of this cutting-edge jet lies a novel technology: the rotating-detonation engine. Spinning at a staggering 20,000 times per second, this engine facilitates continuous combustion while consuming a reported 20% less fuel than traditional engines.


Should all proceed as envisioned, the 12-passenger Stargazer will attain Mach 9—that's 11,100 km/h or nine times the speed of sound! Such remarkable speeds would render the Tokyo-New York journey a mere hour, while the Sydney-New York flight, spanning 9,935.04 miles (15,988.90 km), would clock in at under 90 minutes. Initially, the Stargazer will rely on conventional jet engines for takeoff before ascending to a cruising altitude of 170,000 feet, where it can engage its rotating-detonation engine rockets and unleash its full potential.

After successfully testing this groundbreaking engine, Venus Aerospace has set its sights on constructing a 20-foot drone powered by the innovative technology. Achieving hypersonic flight at Mach 5 is the next milestone, ultimately paving the way for a manned Stargazer prototype. Indeed, the aerospace sector is abuzz with anticipation, and as progress marches on at this breakneck pace, humanity may soon traverse the globe with unprecedented swiftness.