Whether you’re retired or just adventurous, you probably love a good road trip. You don’t have to drive far to find a great road in the U.S. — just about everyone probably has a favorite highway in their own part of the country.
If you are looking for an awesome and unforgettable experience, or just a great way to unwind, you should seize the opportunity and organize a road trip by bus.
Nowadays buses are adding more and more amenities and is a really comfortable and affordable transport so pack your things, take good friend with you and let’s explore the best five road trips in the US…

1. The Heartlan

A tour through central US is a lifetime experience and you will defenately love the the picturespque landscapes. From the coast of Florida to Ohio, each city has something unique to see and many things to do. No matter what is your destination, this road trip wéll be an unforgettable experince.

2. Route 66

The Mother Road, in other words Route 66 is a must if you decide to do a road trip. It’s a pretty long journey and you will cross many states so it is the best way to take a big taste of the USA during your road trip.

3. The Pacific Coast

Who wouldn’t want a trip up the coast of California during summertime? The absolute breath-taking scenery  of the Pacific Coast Highway as a unique experience you must try. It’s so magical that you defenately won’t get enough of the sunshine and the delicious seafood  all across the coast.

4. New England’s Foliage

If you are a lover of the pure, virgin nature then you will absolutely adore to strart your road trip during autom from Boston to Portland. The scenery with the fall of foliages resembles a fairytail and it is a relaxing and magestic sight!

5. The Powder Route

For a sport person a drive from Steamboat Springs to Salt Lake City will surely be a pretty fun experience. You can have a really cheap and enjoyable skiing trip without worrying about airline baggage fees!