Devastating Facts About 9/11 Attacks That You Are Still Unaware Of!

What happened on 11th September 2001, changed the world we live in today. Thousands of inanimate bodies, among debris and dust.

It’s time for the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center

Don’t let the weather fool you …This is this time of year when the world-famous Rink at Rockefeller Center opens to the public.

The Best Road Trip Destinations Across the U.S.

America is home to many natural attractions and landmarks that many travelers around the world want to explore .

Take This $213 Train Ride To Admire All Of America’s Most Beautiful Sights

The United States is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world and whoever chooses to discover and admire them has to spend a great amount of time and money.

Traditional houses are sold for 1 euro in Sicily

It sounds too good to be true but houses in Sicily, actually, are sold for just one euro. They are located in a small municipality between Palermo and Catania, Gandhi, a prominent place in a quiet area which is built on the rocks.

The Most Luxurious Trains in America

When most people think of trains, what usually comes to mind is dirt, noise and inconvenience. But, put these thoughts aside because, there are many possibilities to have a luxury train travel in the USA.

12 Must Try Italian Foods

Beautiful Italy enchantes travelers with her stunning scenery, unique culture, and gastronomical delights. Italian cuisine is a rich one as it has a

The Most Beautiful Song about New York

New York is one of the most visited cities all over the world and one of the most multicultural places . Also known as ”Τhe city that never sleeps ”

Look what Happens to Coins you Throw in Fountains

When you’re traveling in a foreign country ,if you pass in front of a fountain ,you stop there to make a wish by dropping a coin inside it, like thousands!

See the demolition of New York’s old Kosciuszko Bridge

The old Kosciuszko Bridge , between Brooklyn and Queens, was blown up with a controlled demolition. To reduce harmful effects on the environment

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