10 places to visit in Italy During Winter

Italy is a beautiful place, rich in art, culture and landscape beauties that can be seen throughout the calendar year, but some of these best express their winter beauty for several reasons.

In this article, we present 10 Italian places that you absolutely must visit during the winter. The reasons for these suggestions will amaze you but we find them very valid and we hope they will inspire you to take this trip to the places we suggest.

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Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina D'Ampezzo is a municipality in the Province of Belluno and is a renowned winter tourist resort in which, however, there is also no lack of culture. Visiting this area and the nearby Misurina lake is an experience to do absolutely in winter.

Photo: Liteva

Madonna Di Campiglio

This small town in the Province of Trento in Trentino Alto Adige is a renowned winter ski destination that deserves to be visited for the beauty it takes on in winter thanks to the abundant snowfalls.

Photo: ZieliƄski


Roccaraso is a small town located in Abruzzo and is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts that arise in this Italian region. If you love skiing and nature, you must also visit Roccaraso in winter.



The well-known capital of Lombardy deserves to be visited at any time of the year, but in winter it takes on particular colors and shades that make it unique. The Christmas period in Milan is one of the most magical, but in general winter is the ideal time to visit this city because it is less crowded with tourists.



Rovereto is the second largest city by population in the Province of Trento in Trentino Alto Adige. Unlike Trento, however, this small town has a more refined beauty and offers naturalistic views and cultural environments that make it a destination to visit absolutely in the winter period.

Photo: Mauro


Livigno is a Lombard municipality known for being an Italian duty-free zone. It is not a very easy town to reach especially in winter, but it is a place to visit not only for the low prices, but also for the beauty of the landscape and the ski slopes.


The city of Romeo and Juliet in winter is filled with scents and colors that make it a true jewel of the Veneto. Visiting Verona in winter can be an idea to avoid the crowds of tourists at other times of the year.



This beautiful Tuscan city is rich in art and culture but in winter it becomes a special place, especially during Christmas. Visit Arezzo in the winter and discover the events that take place here and all it has to offer.



Rome is a city that can be visited all year round, but everyone is used to visiting it in spring and summer. Our suggestion is: why not visit it in winter and enjoy a more temperate climate and shades of this city that cannot be seen at other times of the year? Do it, we suggest it and ... not just at Christmas!



Naples is also a city known to all, but even in this case we tend to visit it in summer or spring. And try the winter to see how this city transforms? Believe what we are telling you: the colors (especially under Christmas), the scents and the atmosphere of the Naples winter are a magical experience to savor.