The "G-Train" Is a $350 Million Luxury Train of the Future

When most people think of trains, what usually comes to mind is dirt, noise and inconvenience. But, put these thoughts aside because, nowadays there are many possibilities to have a luxury train travel. 

French designer Thierry Gaugain, famous for his creativity, decided to take train design a step further, touching on futurism and ultimate luxury. Gaugain is generally known for his creative work on superyachts, such as Venus, a 262-foot vessel, co-designed with Philippe Starck for the late-Steve Jobs. 

Photo: Courtesy Thierry Gaugain

Now he plans to take the rail travel experience to a completely new level with his latest concept, a private luxury train made to measure for one lucky, and very wealthy, owner as the potential owner will have to pay $ 350 million to acquire it. In an interview with CNN Travel, designer Gaugain admitted that he was always fascinated by trains.

The G-Train will be a private train, designed to travel with all the luxuries and amenities.  With a length of 400 meters, it will consist of 14 elegant cars, which will have a state-of-the-art glass exterior that can be changed from opaque to transparent and a whole range of colors, depending on the environment. It is designed as a passenger train, created to enjoy an on-board experience and not just as a fast means of transport that takes you from one place to another.

Photo: Courtesy Thierry Gaugain

In particular, this train will be able to accommodate only 18 guests, offering many amenities, as it will have a welcome lobby, a residential area with accommodation and entertainment space, a special guest area, a social lounge and a grand salon. But the most surprising thing is that the G-Train will have a secret garden and wings that will fold down, resulting in open-air terraces. 

Photo: Courtesy Thierry Gaugain

This outstanding train is set to run at 160 kilometers per hour and will be adapted to run on railways across the Americas and Europe. 

As mentioned above, this luxury train does not yet have an owner, however Thierry Gaugain had a specific person in mind as a future owner: Laurence Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs.