The Most Luxurious Overnight Bus in Japan With Only 11 First Class Seats

Have you ever heard of a luxury bus trip? We usually associate buses in our minds with a fairly economical but uncomfortable journey. This reasoning is about to be overturned by the existence of a luxury overnight bus in Japan, known as the Dream Sleeper bus, which goes from Osaka to Tokyo and vice versa. 

It was created for overnight trips and is an alternative to the train for travelers in the country, who prefer private transportation with certain amenities. Although at first glance it doesn't look much bigger and different from other night buses, it includes eleven "private rooms", where you can isolate yourself and sleep. 

Upon entering one of these rooms, you will feel as if you are traveling in a business or first class cabin on an airplane. Right next to the soft and plush reclining chair there is a large window to enjoy the view of the landscape. Water, snacks and headphones are also provided, and there are USB ports to charge your electronic devices. Another convenient provision that you will find inside this bus, is the toilet for the passengers that comes installed with a washlet. 

The ticket costs 135 euros and the duration of the journey is about eight hours, which certainly in such a position will pass easily if you consider that you are traveling during the night and you can spend it inside the bus.

Another remarkable thing about this luxurious and different bus is that before entering the room, each passenger is asked by the driver to take off his shoes and put on special slippers!

Get a taste of this unique travel experience through the Solo Solo Travel YouTube channel video.