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It sounds too good to be true but houses in Sicily, actually, are sold for just one euro. They are located in a small municipality between Palermo and Catania, Gandhi, a prominent place in a quiet area which is built on the rocks. It’s a historic area with medieval past and magnificent views at Mount Etna which, however, has fallen into decline since abandoned by its residents as they preferred to settle in other cities.
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Nowadays, houses are uninhabited and almost dilapidated. In the historical center of the city time seems to have stopped in the medieval times. Consequently these buildings need money and trouble to be restored and the former mayor of the Sicilian town of Gandhi thought of this idea so as to revive his wonderful historic center. The new municipal authority is moving at the same vision. He agreed with the owners of the ruined houses to actually give them for only 1 euro. The purchase for a symbolic price is a condition for the purchaser undertaking to renovate them within three years and then to pay to the municipality EUR 5,000. 

The mayor hopes that this will ultimately bring about an increase in the city’s population, thus boosting its economy and supporting local business. And the plan shows so far that it has yielded, as nearly a hundred houses have been sold for one euro .
 However, a Belgian couple who read the relevant advertisement and rushed to buy such a house three years ago, made a lot of effort to renew it. The couple was forced to invest 75,000 Euros for the restoration of the building, and this is true story for all houses in this category, as they must be rebuilt from the beginning. They need electrical and plumbing, heating, window frames and many other things.