The Safest States in America (RANKED)

The USA, according to the Global Peace Index, stands at a ranking of 129 out of 163 countries, prompting some to express concerns regarding safety for both its residents and visitors. Yet, it's crucial to remember that the US is an amalgamation of 50 unique states, each diverse in culture, economy, and society. Therefore, the safety metrics differ dramatically across states.

To discern which states are the safest, the most recent research evaluated factors like personal safety, financial stability, road safety, workplace security, and emergency readiness.

The Safest States:

Vermont: At the top is Vermont with a score of 68.79. Known for its picturesque landscapes, Vermont also boasts a significantly low crime rate at 1.6 crimes per 1000 residents, primarily property-related.

Maine: Maine comes in second with a safety score of 66.95. Alongside its vibrant coastlines and forests, it holds the title for the lowest crime rate in America.

New Hampshire: Holding the bronze is New Hampshire, scoring 63.99. It leads in financial safety and has a similarly low crime rate of about 1.3 per 1000 residents.

Utah: The fourth spot goes to Utah, scoring 63.48. Distinct from the New England states, its safety metrics remain impressive, with a crime rate almost on par with the national average.

Hawaii: Hawaii, the exotic archipelago, is fifth with 60.36. Despite a crime rate slightly higher than the national average, it shines in areas like low violent crime rates and emergency preparedness.

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The States with Room for Improvement:

Alabama: Alabama stands at the fifth position from the bottom, with a score of 37.68. While its beauty remains undisputed, it grapples with challenges like a rising gun death rate.

Texas: The vast state of Texas is fourth from the bottom, with 36.77. It faces safety challenges, especially in densely populated cities.

Arkansas: Arkansas, with a score of 33.72, faces the third-highest number of assaults per capita in the US.

Mississippi: Just above Louisiana, Mississippi scores 32.52. It struggles with issues like high homicide rates and low life expectancy.

Louisiana: Louisiana, unfortunately, has been ranked the least safe state in America with a score of 31.64. The state faces challenges in multiple sectors, from high crime rates to low emergency preparedness.

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