This Dreamy Italian Town Is Offering $30,000 To Move There

How would you feel about moving to a dreamy sunny town in Southern Italy that will even pay you $30,000 to settle there? Do you think this is a joke or is there a catch in this sentence? But no, neither of those things happen...

Several small Italian towns from time to time give financial incentives in various methods to reach new residents in their area and prevent their desertion. The town of Presicce-Acquarica decided to follow suit, taking a similar initiative called "Welcome to Presicce-Acquarica", luring new residents by offering generous sums of money. It is a town of about 10,500 inhabitants in the southern region of Puglia, which is struggling with its population decline and abandoned houses. In order to attract new homeowners, the local authorities are promising a grant of €30,000 for those who buy a house and declare permanent residence.


Presicce-Acquarica has been characterized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with a historic center and its baroque architecture but as soon as you leave the historic center you will see a multitude of olive groves. 

The exact details of the program have not yet been made public, but the main ones have become known. Initially, the grant is aimed at individuals or families who intend to move their permanent residence to the city by investing in the purchase of a house whose cost will be subsidized by a grant from the Municipality of Presicce-Acquarica.

In particular, the future owners should invest in an abandoned house built before 1991. Also, the amount to be subsidized amounts to 50% of the cost of a house, including renovations, up to €30,000. Applications will be accessible via the Presicce town hall website. And don't worry if you will have the chance to find the ideal home as the opportunities will be plentiful as around 30% of all the housing in the city are eligible for the scheme.