7 Most Beautiful Islands In Italy

Italy is one of those few places on earth that have been generously blessed by Mother Nature. While the rest of Europe is landlocked, Italy has more than 70 picturesque islands. This gives Italy access to the most gorgeous beaches and harbors. 

Whether you are on the hunt for the glorious past this territory holds, or you want to experience the pristine beaches with their soft sand and clear water, keep reading and we will take you through the 7 most beautiful islands in Italy.

1. Sicily

Sicily is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, and undoubtedly, the most spectacular one. The most prominent attraction in Sicily is Mount Etna. It is the tallest active volcano in Europe. You can witness centuries-old history, culture, and architecture. All this against a beautiful backdrop of Norman palaces, striking beaches, and lush green meadows.

Photo: unsplash.com/donfontijn

2. Sardinia

Sardinia is home to the finest beaches and pleasant sceneries in the whole of Italy. You can experience the crystal clear waters and idyllic beaches throughout the day and hang out around the town at night. There are ample opportunities to sunbathe, rock climb, or hike and explore the islands.

Photo: unsplash.com/massimovirgilio

3. Capri

This gorgeous island is home to striking clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving. If you are not hitting the waterfront, enjoy Capri by relaxing in the cafes along the piazzas. Or you can simply choose to explore this magnificent island on foot.

Photo: unsplash.com/marbo777

4. Procida

This is the tiniest island on the Bay of Naples. However, it is big on the leisure it provides to tourists. The island is home to lemon orchards, pastel-colored houses, and narrow streets. You can choose to explore this picturesque island, or lounge around the beaches, or dine in cafes along the waterfront.

Photo: unsplash.com/archana_reddy

5. Ischia

Ischia is a breathtaking combination of the old and new set against prehistoric volcanoes and hot springs. It is a small island composed of small villages, ancient cafes, palaces, and some modern shopping malls and clubs. Mount Epomeo is a favorite tourist attraction in Ischia. 

Photo: unsplash.com/gdimeglio695

6. Elba

This spectacular island is the largest of the Italian Tuscany archipelago and the third largest island in Italy. It offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, hosting several kilometers of pristine beaches. Elba can be mistaken for paradise on earth due to its lush green hills, and clear blue waters.

Photo: unsplash.com/amandadalbjorn

7. Lampedusa

Lampedusa is one of the sunniest islands in Italy. With its clear blue beaches, it is an ideal location for snorkeling, diving, and cruising. If you are a water lover, this island is no better than a haven for your next vacation. This protected island is one of the few in the Mediterranean where loggerhead sea turtles can lay their eggs safely.

Photo: unsplash.com/enryka82