This is the most surreal bookstore in the world.

Historical monuments, museums and famous attractions are always on a traveler's list when visiting a foreign country for the first time. But don't stay in the mainstream! For the lovers of books and modern design we have found you a place that you will surely love when you visit China. 

Photo: 榫卯建筑摄影

The luxurious Zhongshuge bookstore, inaugurated in Shenzhen, China, has a special design that you have never seen before. Entering into it, you will have the chance to see a “tornado of knowledge”... The huge art installation consisting of a spiral staircase full of books that revolves around the store - but customers can not climb it - offers a stunning visual effect. This particular sculpture is reminiscent of a spiral staircase placed horizontally, but instead of the stairs there are shelves that host hundreds of books of all kinds and ages.

Photo: 榫卯建筑摄影

Li Xiang of Shanghai-based X+Living studios is behind the design of both the shop and the bookshelf.

The goal is obvious: to create an artistic and functional space in which readers can get lost and immerse themselves before buying their favorite titles.

The bookstore is divided into several areas: a space of ideas, a forum space, a reading space for children and a recreation area.