10 Places to Visit in Italy During Christmas

Italy is a small country, yet it is so rich in ideas, history, art, culture, traditions ...

In this small European nation, Christmas is felt with greater intensity than in other places in the world and there is no shortage of manifestations and events that celebrate this magical time of the year throughout the country.

But what are those events that cannot fail to be visited during the Christmas period in Italy?

The right answer is: everyone.

All the Christmas events that take place in Italian centers deserve to be seen.

There is, however, a problem: Italy is not as small as it appears on the map, so it is impossible to see all these events in the short Christmas period.

Below, therefore, we present the ten best things to do during the Christmas period in Italy.


The Luminous Nativity of Manarola

Manarola is a small town in Liguria where, for some years, the Luminous Nativity Scene has been held.
Born in 1961, this nativity scene develops close to a hill and cannot be missed.

The Christmas Markets of Trentino Alto Adige

The Christmas markets are widespread events throughout Italy, but those that take place in Trentino Alto Adige are the best, the most beautiful. The largest are those of Trento, Rovereto and Bolzano, but also the markets of the smaller towns deserve to be seen.

The Fair of Oh bej oh bej

The Oh Bej Oh Bej fair (which means “beautiful, beautiful”) is one of the oldest Christmas events in Milan. In fact, it seems that it began in 1200 to reach us. This beautiful fair takes place at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan and deserves to be visited.

The Living Nativity Scenes

The first living nativity scene was staged by St. Francis of Assisi. This event is a small reproduction of the birth of Jesus Christ made with real people and not statuettes as in the cribs.
In Italy there are many places where living nativity scenes are set up, but the most beautiful are those of, Morcone, Civita Di Bagnoregio, Pietrelcina, Matera, Grotteria (one of the largest in the world).

Luci d'Artista

Starting from the municipality of Turin in 1998, the "Luci d'Artista" event then spread to many Italian locations. During this event, a city lights up with spectacular plays of light that give life to real works of art.
In addition to that of Turin, the “Luci D'Artista” event in Salerno is also known.

The Neapolitan Nativity Scenes in Via San Gregorio Armeno

The nativity scenes of Naples are a centuries-old tradition both for their beauty and for their originality. From November to January, the most beautiful nativity scenes are exhibited in Via San Gregorio Armeno so that they can be admired by all.

The Christmas of Gubbio

Christmas in Gubbio is full of events, among which the lighting of the Christmas tree stands out, illuminated by over 700 multicolored lights and about 130 thousand square meters large. The Christmas of Gubbio, full of events that, including markets and nativity scenes, makes this period magical.

Christmas in Rovereto

Rovereto is a Renaissance town located in the Province of Trento which every year organizes a magical Christmas dedicated to a different theme from time to time. Its historic center is filled with music, markets and events. Christmas in Rovereto is an event that must not be missed.

Christmas in Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, is a place that you must visit at least once in your life. At Christmas, however, this magnificent city is filled with magical events and locations such as an ice rink in Castel Sant'Angelo, the Christmas trees in Piazza Venezia, the lighting of the tree in St. Peter's Square, the historical exhibition of nativity scenes in the Vatican and much more.

Christmas in Venice

Christmas in Venice is a magical thing. In this period the city, already magical in its own right, is filled with lights, colors, events and even an ice rink. Christmas in Venice deserves to be seen to discover the beauty with which Christmas marries a city built on the sea.