Commuters in New York to Get Access to Flying Cars by 2025

As per the official website of Lilium –a leading German tech startup, the company is developing the revolutionary range of air taxi for transforming the way in which we travel. If the flying taxis by Lilium are indeed going to overpower the skies in a few years as predicted by the company, then this could help in radically reshaping cities by minimizing the overall commute time as well as the overall costs involved in traveling across longer distances.

In comparison to trains or cars, flying taxes in the future are going to allow for increased flexibility to routes while requiring significantly less infrastructure to initiate the same. This implies that people can look forward to potentially living away from work while requiring less time to travel for about the similar range of costs like the transportation options based on grounds.

An Insight into the Pioneering Flying Taxis

The impressive design of the flying taxis by Lilium features scope for vertical take-off as well as landing –just like a helicopter. Moreover, there is the presence of 36 all-electric engines –rather than the presence of wings. The entire body unit of the flying taxi is capable of accommodating around 4 people along with the pilot in its model.

The demo of the flying taxi reveals an Uber-like app. The customers can download the same on their smartphones. Upon launching the same, the app is going to use location-based services for determining the availability of the closest landing pad for your ride. Then, you can enter your destination, and you will be aware of the estimated flights –allowing you to make the booking. 

While it might appear that the overall ride could turn out to be pricey, the manufacturers reveal that consumers are going to get access to prices that are going to be highly competitive with the modern-day travel options. The jet is capable of traveling up to 300 km or 186 miles in a matter of 60 minutes. The experts reveal that the service is going to made available to multiple cities of the world by the time of 2025. 

Dr. Remo Gerber –Chief Commercial Officer at Lilium, reveals that they are fundamentally talking about a completely different means of commuting to ensure faster transportation across longer distances. The company believes that this technology advancement is going to bring into effect new opportunities. Lilium is, in fact, one of the several companies that is heading to the race to introduce airborne taxis that tend to be self-piloting and electric at the same time. The company ran its first successful test in the year 2017. Since then, the leading Munich-based tech startup has been successful in raising over $90 million in the form of venture capital in a matter of few months. 

Earlier during spring 2020, Lilium went forward with staging the first takeoff of the 5-seater jet to represent its long-term vision with respect to flying taxis.