Take A Peek Inside The Stunning 753-Foot Megaship Set To Become The Sea’s First Eco-conscious Luxury Residential Community

Pioneering, eco-conscious and luxury are some of the words that describe the first residential ship named MV Narrative. It's a massive 753-foot ship that will have room for 547 residences and aims to be the first eco-conscious luxury residential community on the high seas.

Private residential ship maker Storylines and Croatian shipyard Brodosplit are teaming up to accomplish the project, which is already in its engineering phase, announcing that they have signed a shipbuilding contract to create what they call the world's first environmentally conscious residential ship. They have set out to set MV Narrative apart from current cruise ships with several innovative features.

Photo: Storylines

The vessel will feature 20 dining and bar areas, a series of swimming pools, a waterfront marina (rear, lower level) that will include private boat access, a bowling alley, a hydroponic garden farm and an outdoor gym with racquet sports, a yoga sunbathing area and running track. And if that's not enough, upon arrival on this ship you'll have access to a 10,000-square-foot wellness center with spa and gym rooms and its own anti-aging clinic.

Photo: Storylines

The ship will also support its title as a floating community by including a post office, school, library, hospital, bank and even office space inside. Underpinning its eco-conscious existence, the MV Narrative will convert its waste to energy to reduce its environmental footprint and will be powered by liquid natural gas propulsion.

Aboard this ship you'll be able to travel year-round in luxurious accommodations, priced from $1 million to $8 million, with a limited number of 24-year charters starting at $647,000.

Photo: Storylines

On its maiden voyage, MV Narrative will visit hundreds of destinations on six continents and port calls are expected to last between one and five days, indicating the ship's ability to remain offshore for more than a month and make on greater offshore adventures.