The 10 Safest Airlines in the World for 2021

After all these months of halt, domestic and international travelling resumed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, many flights have been ultra-carefully ensuing protocols to guarantee passenger protection in these unprecedented circumstances. 

Airlines are guaranteeing meticulous cleaning and sanitization facilities for the flights and rendering essentials like the PPE kits and the face shields so that the travellers' safety is not negotiated throughout their journey from one location to the other. 

Keeping This In Mind, We Have Created A List Of Top 10 Safest Airlines 2021:

According to a report, various website stated that the airlines were ranked, taking into account several factors:

The government audits

Aviation governing and industry bodies'

Audits along with the crash and serious incident records of the different airlines

Fleet duration as well as the industry-leading safety

Protection initiatives amid Covid-19 situations.


Top-10 Airlines

Qantas has been the leading airline in implicitly every significant operational safety promotion for the last 60 years. With real-time monitoring of its engines, satellite communications enabled the airline to detect problems before becoming a significant safety issue. 

The second place has been secured by Qatar Airways, the only airline to introduce distinct disposable shielding gowns for the cabin crew. The safety gears are to be fitted over the uniforms and safety glasses, gloves, and masks. 

The next row is Air New Zealand with the third position, multi-award-winning in-flight innovations with operational security, and environmental leadership with its team members' motivation and enthusiasm.

Singapore Airlines stands fourth followed by Emirates with advanced HEPA filters that help eliminate 99.97% of viruses.

Eva Air considered to be one of the cleanest airlines with its best catering services is ranked sixth. 

At the same time, Etihad Airways holds the seventh position. The Alaska Airlines- a major American airline, has eighth with Cathay Pacific- a founding member of the Oneworld Alliance, is ranked ninth. 


British Airways ranks 10th, being the second largest UK based carrier have perfect records in the jet era. 
For 2021, other websites has listed its top 20 Covid-19 airlines that have gone beyond the expectations to ensure passengers' protection.  

Travel Safe and Friendly

Most important of all, a safe ride! 
The provision of face masks for the travellers
Personal protective equipment (PPE kit) for the crew
Modification in the catering services
Sanitization of aircraft
Availability of personal sanitizer kit and social maintenance distancing gets a perfect score for safety. 
Al these promise the best of everything: high-quality amenities, demonstrates a strong safety and security performance.