The Door to Hell Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell Darvaza Gas Crater, TurkmenistanThe Darvaza Gas Crater is one of the most unusual sights of Turkmenistan. These craters are regarded as the result of the gas explorations that took place during the Soviet era in the region at the time of 1970s. All the three craters in the region are artificial. One of them has been set alight and continues blazing with amazing strength. The blaze is visible from several miles away. On the other two craters, there is the presence of bubbling water and mud. 

For several years, there have been numerous rumors that the burning gas crater is going to be put out for gas exploration in the given area. However, it continues burning. 

The Majestic Fire Crater

Out of the three craters available in the region, the fire crater is the most attractive one to most out there. The crater is best observed during night time. This is when the given blazing inferno is just compared with the gates of hell. Just behind the small hill, there is the presence of a camping place that is naturally sheltered. Most often, drivers to the region get stuck or lost in the natural dunes. There is absence of any individual out there to provide instructions. Therefore, if you are making a visit to the infamous Gate to Hell, it is recommended that you should be in the company of someone who is aware of the way around.

If you plan at treading on the path on your feet, then you should think twice. While the overall walk is going to take only two hours of the entire journey across the dunes, you will be required to spend the night in this place. This is because it is extremely difficult to find your way back to the main road without taking any reference. It is quite possible to get lost even during daylight. Therefore, the experts recommend that you should only aim at taking guided tours to the region. 

If you are looking for accommodation options, there are no hotels in the region. However, most of the chaikhanaslining the main road are located northwards to the crater’s turnoff. These properties are known to offer access to night beds along with meals. These even sell petrol. 

How did the Fire Crater End up in Turkmenistan?

In the year 1971, the republic was still considered as the part of the Soviet Union. During this time, a group belonging to the Soviet geologists visited the area of Karakum for searching for oil fields. Here, they observed that the area was a potential oil field. As such, they started drilling the area. However, they realized that they were drilling the top of some cavernous pocket featuring natural gas. The surface was not capable of supporting the overall weigh of the equipment. Eventually, this led to the collapsing of the site along with the equipment. All of these created the domino effect and led to the formation of the artificial craters all along.