The Most Futuristic Cities in the World

Have you ever seen a city Skyline with super-tall skyscrapers and twinkling lights wrapped in miles of highway? Today we will talk about the list of the most futuristic cities globally in terms of embracing technology, architecture and design, eco-friendliness. 

These cities will be the perfect example of preserving advanced telecommunication, artificial intelligence and its culture. 

1. Hong Kong, China

Wise City Hong Kong is known for taking fingerprints to turn the Chinese metropolis into a model "smart city with an urban future."

This country strives to deliver more skyscrapers than anywhere else, globally. Today Hong Kong's tech hands include the Octopus smart card allowing tourists and residents to make electronic payments in grocery stores, parking meters, public Trans and more.

Hong Kong is also home to futuristic toto toilets and metros, which spells out luxury and comfort. 


2. Singapore

When it comes to futuristic cities, Singapore has raised a severe growth, supposedly around 20%.

This South-Eastern Asian city-state is considered as one at the top of the list due to the following reasons:

Fantastic architecture and resorts like Marina Bay Sands hotel

Stunning SuperTree Grove at Garden by the Bay

Futuristic initiative for curbing vehicle purchase

Flexible toll prices for automobiles

Computer system taxi cabs for diverting traffic


3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai's glitzy architecture and Middle Eastern Metropolis reveal futuristic architecture for sure. This City holds forward-thinking ambitions and lays new initiatives towards building a green economy, including green buildings, environmental tourism and other visible projects.


4. Masdar, UAE

Masdar is the world's first zero-carbon, the zero-waste City that has made Dubai's futuristic skylines. This walled City is also killing it in the potential clean-tech hub, global reservation department and generating residents for 7,000 people yearly. 

Masdar has marked green living and displayed features including solar power, clean-energy mass transit, and green police officers to monitor energy use.


5. Silicone Valley, California

Home to Google, Facebook, and many other tech goods - California is the place where the magic happens. This City is home to the biggest technology companies on the planet, who embrace smart thinking via innovation. 


6. Toronto, Canada

UNESCO has named Toronto as the most diverse City in the world, within the element of the future.

About 49% of the residing population is born here and work towards glittering skylines to artificial intelligence. If you want to travel through space and time, make sure to pack your bags because we are just jet-set away from reaching this futuristic City in the world.