The future of aviation: The flying hotel that will carry 5,000 guests and never land (video)

In a world where science is constantly evolving and every day new innovative ideas are born, here is another one that will surely amaze you.

It is a futuristic giant flying hotel which features basic amenities such as a gym and swimming pool with the capacity to carry around 5,000 passengers. Hashem Al-Ghaili, the designer of the Sky Cruise, described the aircraft as the "future of transportation" and explained that conventional airlines will "transport" passengers to and from the "Sky Cruise," which will never touch the ground.

The most surprising thing about this concept is that it is designed to stay in the air for several days or even months as it will be powered by nuclear energy through 20 nuclear fusion engines. Even the repair and other maintenance work will also take place when the Sky Cruise is in the air.

Talking about the aircraft to the Daily Star, Al-Ghaili, when asked how many pilots would be needed to fly the Sky Cruise, replied: "With all this technology and you want pilots? I believe it will be fully autonomous."

While the flying hotel's operating date has yet to be announced, get an idea of ​​what this concept will look like when it becomes a reality through the video below: