This Japanese hotel room costs $1 a night

When 27-year-old Tetsuya Inoue took over the management of the Asahi Ryokan Hotel in Fukuoka, Japan, succeeding his grandmother, he wondered what business moves he needed to make to boost revenue.

Ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel that he wanted to renovate. But because he had no money for advertising, he thought of using other ways to finance the traditional business.

So what did he do? He announced that guests have the option of staying in a room for only 100 yen (about $ 1) per night in room number 8.


But there is a condition: To broadcast live (live streaming) their entire stay with some restrictions of course. What does live streaming include? As he explains to CNN, the videos will have only images and not audio, in order to protect the privacy of the guests in their conversations or in their telephone communication. Guests will also be able to turn off the lights and the toilet is out of camera range. The YouTube channel is the One Dollar Hotel.

"Our hostel is cheap, so we have to add value to it, something special so that everyone can talk about it. Young people are not so interested in their privacy. Some do not care to be watched for a day," he said. In addition, on days when room number 8 will have no guests, Inoue will broadcast himself live at work.