Venice: Charge up to 10 euros to enter the city from January 2023

Venice is set to become the first city in the world to charge entry to its visitors. And what does that mean? 

In particular, the authorities of Venice put a "ticket" of up to 10 euros to those who take day trips to the city, as they try to gain control over the number of tourists who visit Venice daily. And this is because the number of visitors has exceeded all limits, with visitors crowding the squares and alleys of Venice, and the beauty of the city is inevitably altered. It is noted that this plan for paid entry was approved by the Italian government at the end of 2018, as a solution for mass tourism in a city that, before the coronavirus pandemic, attracted about 30 million visitors a year.


The measure is set to come into full effect from January 2023 and will apply to daytrippers, who will have to book online and pay between €3 and €10, depending on how busy the city is on the day of their visit. The authorities, in order to check compliance with the measure, will have the possibility to stop tourists during their patrol and demand to see proof of payment, while in case of failure to show the relevant "ticket" tourists will be punished with a fine of up to 300 euros.

However, exceptions to the payment of a ticket to enter the city will be provided for in certain cases, such as for those who need to go to Venice to visit a relative or to attend a funeral, or for those who live in the Veneto region. Also, tourists staying overnight in Venice will be exempt, as they already pay tourist tax.